Woolly mammoths will one day rise.


I think a lot of people could learn from Steve Rogers. He’s an upstanding man who probably would hate to see what SJW’s are doing to people. In fact, he wouldn’t stand for it.

And I think a lot more people need to be like Steve. Not Captain America. But Steve Rogers.



TBH tumblr social justice and all the “angry gays” on tumblr make me hate being queer more than any homophobic comment, and dumb joke any thing someone who doesn’t really understand says.

I wish I were hetero so I could not be part of that group, not even close, I don’t want them fight for my rights or represent me.. it kinda makes me sick…

I know more feeling like that… ugh

I’m a lesbian who feels safer in a Southern Baptist chapel as the pastor preaches about gays ruining America than I do on the mostly pro-gay social blogging website Tumblr.

So basically, social justice bloggers (and most of the “anti sj” crowd as well) are once again reaffirmed to be in violation of Tumblr guidelines.

Really though, if everybody just started reporting the rabid SJs, anti-SJs, and the trolls on both sides indistinguishable from the sincere believers, I think Tumblr could calm down fairly rapidly. Instead of feeding the fires by starting flame wars and giant rants instead of just calmly clicking “report abuse.”

A lot of this blog is directly in violation of these guidelines, as well. I regret many phases of my life.

The vast array of Assorted Privileges (tm) that Tumblr throws around, and what it does with them, are comedy gold.

You have internet access, a personal computer, and leisure time. Probably live with your parents, too, statistically speaking (i.e. no bills or stuff.) I really don’t think you’re in a place to experience much personal oppression.

Tell me about the last time you were homeless and unemployed in an unfamiliar and high-crime city, then get back to lecturing me on my thin girl white privilege or whatever’s trendy this week. I tell you one thing, I was not doing much Tumblr whining and victimization when I was in that position. I was primarily concerned with being neither robbed nor killed nor raped, and trying to end my homelessness while I did that if I could. Sleep was a luxury. Whining about what some twelve year old said on her blog wasn’t even remotely on the table.

Tumblr is just a bunch of spoiled middle-class girls who are so unfamiliar with actual hardships that they’ve actually cooked up “being a middle-class girl” as a way to be oppressed. Do you know how many people in this world, even in America, would kill for the amount of privilege you have in your sheltered, pampered little life? Do you really want to walk up to a grey-haired homeless man in a wheelchair, fighting alcoholism and dementia and so forth, and tell him that it must be hard for someone in his position of privilege to see the oppressions faced by trust-fund sorority girls?

Honest question, but had Robin Thicke performed exactly the same song but been a black woman instead of a white man, would Tumblr have sang songs of adoration and sex-positivity?

I just feel like Tumblr only gets mad when things are done by white people. For instance, let’s look at rap, a predominately black genre (in popular spotlight artists, at least). Rape is frequently glorified, as well as hardcore drug use (we’re talking coke, meth, etc. here, not just a 420 blaze) and murder, but I’ve never seen a social justice blogger criticize a black rapper for the same. Perhaps they’re afraid of being criticized for racism, as if a black man had a right to rape a white woman?

For instance, B.I.G.’s [a black artist] song “Beef”:

Pretty explicit. “I will kidnap you, rape you, and kill you.” But somehow it was a mediocre vocalist saying “I can give you pleasurable sex if you say yes” that exemplifies rape.

I mean this was not hard. I literally googled “Rap song rape” and the second result was this song. A major artist with a major song. Honest question, do you think a significant percentage of SJ bloggers think that black men aren’t serious about rape (even though they commit rape at roughly 2-3 times the rate of white men as a demographic, if we’re really going to bring out-of-context and misleading statistics into this) or that they will be called racist for accusing a black man of rape culture? Or is Tumblr just so sheltered that many of the bloggers legitimately have zero experience with primarily low-income-targeted music such as rap, and are completely unaware that it even exists? I mean, for every time ‘Blurred Lines’ plays on the radio, I guarantee you five rap stations will play a song that says something along the lines of “I’m going to rape somebody / Rape is cool.”

Things SJWs on Tumblr have told me:

If I could I would punch you in the face

I hope you die

You’re clearly lying about being raped

I’m glad your girlfriend died so she doesn’t have to be with you anymore

I hope you get raped

You don’t deserve to live

You are every bit as horrible as Hitler and the German Third Reich

My personal favorite (paraphrased, but):
I want to drag your face across hot coals and cut deep lines down your body with a rusty knife and when you cry in pain tell you you were asking for it

Things Republicans on the internet and in the real world have told me:

I dispute your interpretation of the facts you have brought to the table

I disagree with your lifestyle choices and believe they will bring harm upon you if you continue, but I respect your right to continue.

It’s clear that Republicans are a hate-mongering group of violent racists, and ‘activists’ on Tumblr are the only beacon of tolerance and hope in this world.

The word “dudebro,” used as an insult, is the most ridiculous thing because it’s generally used by people who claim to be against gendered insults.

It’s also ridiculous as an insult because, as hard as Tumblr tries to use it as an insulting word, it’s just straight-up not. Both “dude” and “bro” are positive things to call people of both genders, it would be like if 4chan (or whichever latest group Tumblr likes to pit itself against, idk, maybe I should just say “the dudebros”) tried to force “ladysister” into use as an insult.

I actually know guys who call each other dudebros entirely unironically, it’s not even a hypothetical thing. A few people on Tumblr are trying so hard to force this word into being an insult, and as far as I can see outside Tumblr’s sheltered padded room of an environment it’s just not working.

I also can’t believe there are people who think it’s ok to DUI home from a party after voluntarily deciding not to arrange for a designed driver, if they “feel threatened or uncomfortable.”

You could kill someone.

You could reduce someone’s loving mother, you could take an innocent eight-year-old child’s primary caregiver, and kill them. Or reduce them to a wreck, a wheelchair-bound brain damage case who believes herself to be ten years old and calls her nurses “mom.” 

I’ve been in sexually harmful environments, I’ve been sexually abused, so I know why you would want out of those environments. Rape is bad, not the victim’s fault, blah blah blah, all true. But I’ve also lost someone I loved more than anything because another driver couldn’t be bothered to drive responsibly. Can you imagine yourself looking the dead mother’s children in their eyes, or the parents of the girl on the sidewalk you hit at 65mph, and say “I’m sorry for your loss, but I didn’t want to be at that party any more. I was too lazy to walk home, I didn’t set up a designated driver, and I didn’t want to pay any cab fare, so I didn’t have much choice.”

I’ve only been on for like ten minutes and I’ve already had enough of Tumblr. Screaming, capslock accusations of rape and Nazi sympathies for things as extreme as saying “don’t drink and drive.”

Very done.