Woolly mammoths will one day rise.

"Mitt Romney’s racist!"

Why is he racist?

"Because he opposes welfare!"

Ok, that’s not racism, I can see how you would construe that as class warfare (though I personally would not) but I hardly think it’s racist to oppose welfare.

"Well most poor people are black so he’s opposing black peoples’ income! He hates black people and Mexicans!"

No, see, stereotyping a certain race as belonging to a certain income bracket — THAT’S racist. YOU’RE the racist one here.

"No I can’t be racist I CHECKED MY PRIVILEGE! Your racism is showing wow bigot /hairflip.gif/ all my followers need to go tell this person how wrong she is omg im shaking" 

^The average intelligence of an attempt at an intellectual debate on Tumblr.

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